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Pre-competitive R&D

Res Novae's primary focus for scientists is to roll out a range of resources and services to support pre-competitive R&D.  This includes support for blue-sky academic research and more focused research in collaboration with financial services and technology organisations. The planned resources and current deployment schedule are given below.


Release date

1. Bibliography server, covering academic and trade
articles. Search or browse the bibliography,
download BibTeX format details, upload and
manage your own bibliography.
Released for members only.  Accessed via the Resources tab.
2. Portal - links to other Financial Computing
web sites.
October 2009
3. Technology briefings (1) - links to useful
documents on other sites.
October 2009
4. Research map - interactive Google map
showing locations of global research groups
Released. Locations public, descriptions for members only.
5. Applicability grid - analysing the bibliography to
determine which new technologies are being
used in which business areas
October 2009
6. Technology briefings (2) - links to Res Novae
technology briefings
November 2009
7. Top Ten lists - the leading scientists in Financial
Computing, by research area
8. Data sets and benchmarks to support academic
research (TBA)