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chris_image Dr. Christopher D. Clack, ScD

Associate Professor
Centre for Blockchain Technologies
Department of Computer Science,UCL

Joint Field Chief Editor, Frontiers in Blockchain

Founder, Thomson-Reuters Laboratory at UCL

Smart Contracts 

Clack's research focuses on Smart Contracts1, distributed ledgers and blockchains. He is the inventor of Smart Contract Templates2,3,4 for smart derivatives contracts,5,6 together with Lee Braine and Vikram Bakshi at Barclays.

1 e.g. Temporal Aspects of Smart Contracts for Financial Derivatives, C. D. Clack and G. Vanca. LNCS 11247:339-355. 2018. Available at: [Springer], arXiv:1805.11677, and [this local link]. [BibTeX]
2 Smart Contract Templates:legal semantics and code validation, C. D. Clack. Journal of Digital Banking 2(4)338-352 2018. Local Link: [here]. [BibTeX]
3 Smart Contract Templates: foundations, design landscape and research directions, C.D.Clack, V.A.Bakshi and L.Braine. 2016. Available at: arXiv:1608.00771. Local link: [here]. [BibTeX]
4 Smart Contract Templates: essential requirements and design options, C.D.Clack, V.A.Bakshi and L.Braine. arxiv:1612.04496.December 2016 Available at arXiv:1612.04496 [BibTeX]
5A blockchain grand challenge: smart financial derivatives, C. D. Clack, Frontiers in Blockchain, 2018. Available [here]. [BibTeX]
6Smart Derivatives Contracts: the ISDA Master Agreement and the automation of payments and deliveries, C.D.Clack and C.McGonagle. Available at: arXiv:1904.01461. 2019.


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